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Best Ways To Improve Your Illustration Skills

There are many innovative ways to improve your illustration skills, no matter your skill level. By discovering ways to improve, you will become a pro.

Being a strong illustrator takes dedication and practice. Whether illustrating as a

hobby or a career, your skills should be top-notch. There’s always room for learning

and improvement when discovering new techniques, styles, and concepts. To

become a stronger illustrator, you should take the time to mould your skills to bring

your imagination and creativity to life.

Whether you illustrate as a hobby or a career, consider implementing some of the

best ways to improve your illustration skills.

1. Keep a Sketchbook for Practicing

Most professional artists and illustrators will say that a sketchbook is one of the best ways to get into some creative practices. You may prefer to use digital software for your illustrations, but starting with paper can help outline your ideas, figure out

elemental composition, and simplify your illustration process.

You can explore new ideas, quotes, or references in your sketchbook to use in future

pieces. If you’re having trouble with fonts, you can practice your calligraphy using markers of any kind, like for example chalk markers.

You want to step out of your comfort zone and practice things you

don’t usually illustrate. This is the space to make mistakes and draw anything that

comes to mind. Another way to practice your illustrations is by creating an art journal.

This art journal can have a theme or be a wild card—it’s entirely up to you.

2. Don’t Focus on Your Style

Sometimes as illustrators, we get so caught up in establishing and staying with a

“style.” Your drawing style will eventually emerge into a new kind when you continue to practice. It would help if you strived for versatility and saw what works best for you as an artist. Take the time to experiment and try new methods and techniques.

3. Look at Multiple Mediums for Inspiration

As a creative, you can find inspiration in just about anything—magazines, social

media, news outlets, and imaginative literature. Whether the colours, materials, style, or concepts inspire you, use that to help fuel your creative mind. You should collect books and magazines that inspire you and save posts from later when drafting an illustration.

Experiment Illustrating on Different Surfaces

One of the best ways to improve your illustration skills is by challenging yourself to

step outside your comfort zone. If you’re comfortable illustrating digitally, you should try to demonstrate on paper. If you are comfortable explaining on paper, you should try illustrating on different surfaces. You can illustrate on glass, chalkboards, metals, woods, and so much more—the world’s your oyster!

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