• BFA (UPV, Spain) - 1993/99 - (Audiovisual & Graphic techniques)

  • Scientific illustration, scientific divulgation and communication, applied biology (UA, Portugal) - 2016/17

  • I teach digital and traditional illustration and design, both online and offline, and write articles on design and illustration.

What's in it for you?

​Achievement, Improvement & Satisfaction for over 3k students so far

I support and help people like you, wanting to learn or improve your digital drawing skills so that you can either start a career, follow a passion, or get better in your profession as an artist or illustrator.


I help you avoiding frustration produced by extremely long learning curves usually characterised by long periods of trial and error that potentially might lead you to quitting before reaching your goals.


I do this by creating engaging and valuable online & offline classes that will provide you with all you need to succeed. 


"Every expert was once a beginner" 

 Isabel Aracama :)

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