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​     Illustrator & designer. I also teach digital and traditional illustration and design both online and offline.
  • BFA (UPV, Spain) - 1993/99 - (Audiovisual & Graphic techniques)
  • Scientific illustration, scientific divulgation and communication, applied biology (UA, Portugal) - 2016/17

Learn Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo 

​Achievement and satisfaction with mentoring, classes and many free resources for +4k students and counting. 

I support and help people like you, wanting to learn or improve your digital drawing skills or learn to use graphic software so that you can either start a career, follow a passion, or get better in your profession as an artist or illustrator.

I have created several classes to teach you vector drawing and digital painting using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.

I will help you avoiding frustration produced by extremely long learning curves usually characterised by long periods of trial and error that potentially might lead you to quitting before reaching your goals. 
I do this by creating engaging and valuable online & offline classes that will provide you with all you need to succeed and using state of the art graphic software such as Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo.

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"Every expert was once a beginner" 

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