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E-learning classes for those of you interested in digital illustration and traditional illustration and also in vector drawing. Some are offered on learning platforms such as Skillshare, Udemy or LinkedIn and some are part of my Youtube channel.

You'll learn about the new features and improvements for the Pen Tool in Affinity Designer from version 1.7 and prevalent in 1.8

Learn to create a cartoon version of any animal, using a reference.

Available also on Udemy

Affinity Lockdown Sessions 2020

Illustration Demo @Youtube Affinity Channel as part of the Lockdown Sessions 2020 taking place the full month of May 2020.

31 artists demoing their skills and sharing with the community of users. I walked users through a vector illustration session using Affinity Designer.

"Foundations of Drawing" class for LinkedIn Learning (in Spanish)

I publish tutorials regularly. I also publish promotions for free classes on other platfomrs where you will be able to take my premium classes for free. So if you want to stay up to date, SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel.

Learn how to go about reproducing transparent objects through this class where I take you through the creation of a realistic vector bubble. The aim of the class is to learn the technique. The bubble is the biproduct of this learning process.

Take it here on Skillshare or Udemy