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Deep Fake Experiment :)

A couple of weeks ago the internet exploded with deep fake examples from people wanting to try the AI technology based feature offered in the MyHeritage website.

Ever since, we've seen many examples around using old images from famous personalities and anonymous people alike.

But as usual, there's always going to be people using things in a slightly different manner, which adds onto the already fantastic and sometimes creepy sometimes funny technology itself.

While I was browsing many of the Deep-Fake videos people were posting, I found some users doing a much more creative thing with the technology.

Some are amazing, some are plainly hilarious!

So I thought of an old game I worked on some years ago. A version of the all time fmous board game called "Guess Who?" and felt very curious about giving the deep fake technology a try.

The results were quite nice, and seeing some of these many faces we created for the game come to life, was also quite a fun thing, since for years, I've seen these totally static plain 2D vector faces but now they were moving. Strange thing even when the faces are a cartoon, a drawing or even a statue.

I then decided to create a little short video going a bit further, this is, using artificial intelligence also to create the voice in it. For this, I used the Animaker voice service, and I can say it was a real surprise to see how well it worked!

So here is the result. I hope many people feel enticed to make much more out of this technologies and push their creative juices further, as we are just starting out seeing how this is every time more accessible to everyone of us, for the good and the bad that it might also bring.

Oh, and before I end this post, I'd like to thank again the people at for including this blog in their list of Top 100 Illustration Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2021 so many people will be able to follow new posts, Youtube tutorials, etc. Thanks Feedspot crew!

They have fantastic profiles on their list, so I can only be grateful for including my work in their list.

Now, play that video and check that AI working!

Original 2D static game assets for "Guess Who?"

Deep Fake AI applied to image and sound!


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