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Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo YouTube Tutorials. Start Learning Here!

Check the Affinity Designer tutorials below to start learning. This is a selection on what you will find in my Youtube channel.

Subscribe to the channel for more content on illustration and Affinity Apps.


Hack the Affinity Designer Pen Tool and start using it NOW! If you then want to improve this very easy technique, you can take the complete class here


10 basic things you want and need to know about Affinity Designer and you might not know yet.


Operations (Geometry) are so useful that it is one of those menus you need to understand to get the most out of vector drawing in Affinity Designer. Go watch it.


Creative Session for Serif's Affinity Designer Youtube Channel. I show you how to create an illustration out of a reference image step by step. Download the source files to explore them. You'll find them in the video description.


A comprehensive tutorial where you will learn how to draw a flat colourful van from scratch in Affinity Designer. I show you how to pick good references and work on it step by step.

Many more video tutorials on my Youtube channel. Subscribe here for more!


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