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Vector mock-up design in Affinity Designer

Three different versions for the wine bottle mock-up in Affinity Designer

In this 2 part video tutorial we are going to draw a realistic bottle of wine and design a wine label.

As I usually say, the bottle of wine example is a means to an end.

The most important thing is learning the techniques involved in the creation of realistic artwork that will later translate into other pieces.

The label design is also covered in such a way that the result is a simple yet effective label for three different bottle versions. We will use some vintage public domain illustrations and adapt them easily into our design.

Since you passed by my website, you're lucky enough as to get an extra tip that is not covered in the video:

As you see, there are three different caps for each of the bottles. Well, this is something I have already covered in other tutorials, but I will repeat it again as it is one of those fantastic Affinity Designer features that make our life as designers much easier:

I created the red version first and to create de other versions in green and gray the only thing I've done is using an HSL adjustment layer:

Layer>New adjustment > HSL

Fast, easy and effective.

Click here to watch the first part of the video (Part 2 will be released in a few days)

It helps if you leave a like and a comment if you find this or any other of my tutorials helpful. ❤️ Thanks for your help spreading the love!

I encourage you to also ask your doubts in the video comments and, should you decide to create your own version, show me either sending it to me or joining our FB illustration help group.

Have fun!



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